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contact manufacturing & Component assembly


How we help our customer create value 

As a one-stop metal solutions provider, FETTA also specializes in contract manufacturing and component assembly, providing customers with fully integrated, turnkey box-building services. Using state-of-the-art production facilities, right process design, stringent quality control, experiences technical and production personnel, and a large team of trained assemblers, we can turn your plastics components into finished products right on our production floor.

Our strong supply chain management has given us the competitive edge as a full-service supplier to our clients who increasingly rely on us to manage their supply and logistics chain. FETTA relies on our efficient supply chain management from material and component sourcing all the way to assembly, storage, and even international shipment of the finished product – giving our customers the added assurance of cost efficiencies, end-to-end delivery, and quality control from fabrication to end-user delivery.


How we benefits our client

1) Semi-knocked down assembly process supported by trained assembly lines and a pool of skilled workers.

2) End-to-end service from modular components machined and produced by FETTA to the actual finished product.

3) Production engineers trained to ensure stringent quality inspection at each stage of assembly.

4) Lean manufacturing practice and tools reduce component costs and job complexity that our clients would normally undertake themselves.

5) Added cost efficiency within the supply line through reduction of delivery and stock holding costs through the delivery of finished products rather than a range of components.

6) Production lead times are significantly reduced compared to normal production practices of component storage, transportation of components, and final assembly.

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